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Best Physio – The Necessity Of Physiotherapy

The treatment of an injury or disease through physical processes like heat treatment, massage, and exercise is called physiotherapy. The best physio in Dunedin knows the best possible method to help you recover from your troubles. A therapist is referred by doctors when you have injuries that impact your ability to carry out daily tasks.

A physiotherapist helps the patient control their balance, motor ability, pain, and mobility function.

Work of A Therapist

A physiotherapist takes the responsibility for the health and wellbeing of a person and deals with the functions of a person’s daily lifestyle. Using their knowledge, awareness, and capabilities they will assist you with a proper physio rehab.

Sudden injury, back pain, long-term conditions like asthma, and preparation for a sporting event. They will help you with your recovery and health maintenance.

best physio in Dunedin

A therapist helps his patient by implementing a variety of methods like specific exercises, muscle stimulation devices, muscle massages, posture correction, joint movements, and muscle stretching.


For a person to become a successful therapist he must gain education from a physiotherapist educational program that has been certified by the bureau. Only after passing the exam, can they gain the certificate. This program takes almost 3 years to complete.

This course teaches knowledge in biology, anatomy, biomechanics, neuroscience, and physiology. They gain 80% of their knowledge from class and 20% from clinics and jobs.

Being a therapist requires you to build a trusting relationship with your patient and prepare a detailed report for the patient family. A therapist uses his expert judgment to make a diagnosis and help you with a detailed health care guide for the treatment. You can set aside your burdens as the patient is receiving professional treatment from an expert.

Therapist Treatment

A physiotherapist can deal with various injuries and conditions like:

  •  Neurological: neuropathy, cerebral palsy, vertigo, stroke, and concussion.
  •  Autoimmune: Raynaud syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Fibromyalgia.
  •  Orthopedic: Foot condition, back pain, knee pain, joint problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Chronic conditions: High blood pressure, asthma, obesity, and diabetes.

They will work with a hospital, clinic, or doctor to provide feedback on patient progress and address any issues that will arise later.


Doctors will often refer to the best physio in Dunedin to address injuries or concerns a patient may be facing. They will help you solve your issues so you can again become part of society and live a happy life.

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