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Dry Eye Treatment Gold Coast – Treat Dry Eye Syndrome

Looking for dry eye treatment Gold Coast? Dry eye syndrome is incurable. It can, however, be managed through proper dry eye treatment Gold Coast. The syndrome usually causes burning and scratchiness in the eye, which can be relieved using some specific medications like artificial eye drops and tears. One can also wear sunglasses while outdoors to help keep elements out of the eye and get rid of some of the dryness.

Certain supplements and foods like fish e.g. cod liver oil can also decrease eye dryness. Some eye dryness relief can be obtained by placing a small insert inside the eyelid. The insert then constantly produces lubricant to allow the eye to stay moist all day long.

Moreover, some over-the-counter eye drops contain artificial tears that can effectively relieve some eye dryness. Note that some of these treatments will only reduce redness but won’t help release the moisture needed by the eye to remain healthy.

Consult Dry Eye Treatment Gold Coast

It’s highly recommended that you should consult an expert optometrist before using any sort of eye medication. That’s because the eye could be subjected to further damage if the wrong medication is utilized for a certain period. Professionals know exactly what to look for and what kind of medicine to prescribe for dry eye syndrome.

Also, they are trained to offer advice to people who put on contact lenses and recommend the most appropriate treatment options for them.

dry eye treatment Gold Coast

Eye Dry by Environmental Factors

If the dry eye syndrome is triggered by environmental factors, there are certain professional treatments to decrease the degree of dryness. As mentioned, you can reduce exposure to the outdoors by putting on protective gear like goggles or the best prescription sunglasses. For extra protection, foam inserts can be placed at the sides of the sunglasses to prevent parties from entering behind the lenses.

On the other hand, if eye dryness syndrome is caused by indoor elements, then you can use proper air cleaners and filters. Humidifiers are also helpful as they add some amount of additional moisture to the indoor environment.

Final Thought – Seek Professional Help

It’s important to consult dry eye treatment Gold Coast for a more invasive dry eye. With proper professional treatment, plugs can be inserted permanently into the tear ducts. This is a procedure that can be done in minutes by a qualified doctor to prevent the tears in the eye from draining too fast. That keeps the eye moist 24/7.