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Much Needed Counseling For Children In Northern Rivers Foster Care

Many children who have been placed in Northern Rivers foster care experience trauma and may need therapy to help them cope with the changes in their lives. A child’s therapist can help them deal with feelings of anger, confusion, sadness and other emotions that can come up as a result of being separated from parents or family members.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Counseling is also important for children who have experienced abuse or neglect. In some cases, children may need to talk about what happened to them before they can move on and heal. Talking about the abuse with someone who understands will help them process their experience and begin the healing process.

In addition to helping children understand what happened to them, professional counseling can also give parents guidance on how they can best support their child through this difficult time.

Northern Rivers foster care

Children who are in foster care often have a lot of trauma in their lives, and many of them need counseling to manage that trauma. As a parent, you may be wondering how you can help your child, or you may be wondering if it’s even a good idea for your child to go through counseling.

Here are some tips for getting the support your child needs:

You may feel like your child will be judged or singled out for needing counseling, but the truth is that most people understand that kids in foster care often have difficult experiences and need extra support. Asking for help will not only benefit your child, but also show him or her that he or she has support from his or her family.

Be honest with yourself about what’s best for your family as a whole—not just what’s best for your child individually. You can also become a foster parent in Alstonville if you want.

Many parents feel guilty about putting their children into counseling because they think it means they’re not doing enough as parents, but this isn’t true! Your children need stability in order to grow up healthy and happy, so if they’re struggling with stress or anxiety around schoolwork or after-school activities.


Make sure your child is comfortable talking about what happened before he or she came into Northern Rivers foster care. If your child was physically or sexually abused or neglected before coming into foster care, talk with his or her therapist about how best to address this issue so that it does not become an obstacle in therapy. To learn more about this topic visit our website.

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