Services provided by a cosmetic dentist in Artarmon

A cosmetic dentist in Artarmon is someone who is different from the general dentist. He is the type of dentist who focuses more on the appearance of your teeth and enhances your smile. Whereas, a general dentist is someone who focuses on fixing the cavities and diagnosis of tooth decay. So the services of a general dentist and a cosmetic dental surgeon are different from each other. In this article, we will let you know about all the services and types of procedures provided by a cosmetic dentist.

Primary focus:

The primary focus of this type of dentist is to improve the overall appearance though not necessarily the functionality of teeth, gum, or bite. His main objective is to provide improvement in dental aesthetics in position, shape, colour, alignment, size, and smile appearance.

Different types of procedures:

There are several procedures and services he can provide with a single aim of dentistry to help his clients look better. These three are the most common procedures.

1.      Teeth whitening:

It is the most famous treatment done by such dentists. People who have yellowish teeth or some kind of stains on their teeth need this kind of procedure. Dental surgeons use some type of gel, and it is called a bleaching process. Although it is an expensive procedure, it is the most effective process of teeth whitening, which offers great results.

2.      Teeth Alignment:

We all know that the misaligned teeth have a very bad impact on your personality. So teeth alignment treatment is necessary for such people. We all know how perfectly aligned teeth can improve a person’s look and it how much it provides confidence to someone. So if you have misaligned teeth, the professional to see would be the cosmetic-dentist. Braces and surgical procedures are included in the cosmetic dentistry that will eventually bring your teeth back to proper alignment. These processes will give you that much-desired good look you want to get.

3.      Teeth replacement:

This process is also a part of cosmetic dentistry. If you have lost any of your teeth in an accident, then teeth replacement is one of the best solutions. A cosmetic dentist in Artarmon is one of the professionals who are able to restore your teeth with an artificial fitting. The advances in this profession have come up with artificial teeth that look and function very much like the natural teeth.