The Pros of White Composite Filling

First of all, before diving into the pros of a dental filling, you must have some information and data about what it is. It is actually a dental procedure of tooth-coloured plastic, composite resins, and glass mixture, which are used to restore decayed teeth. A white composite filling is also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the colour or reshaping the disfigured teeth. This procedure falls in the category of cosmetic dentistry. It has a lot of benefits that we have mentioned below:

Pros of White composite filling:

Aesthetic Appearance:

It is the main advantage of dental fillings since dentists can blend different shades to create a colour that resembles the colour of existing teeth. With the advance technology, dentists can blend colours further to match other natural teeth in your mouth.

Give support:

These fillings not only give aesthetic appearance but it also gives support to the weakened teeth that may get weakened by decay or crooked teeth. It eliminates the chances of removing the existing teeth by fitting the composite filling to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible.


These fillings provide excellent durability and resistance to fracture in small- to mid-size fillings that often require to tolerate moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing. This can be fit and mostly used on either front or back teeth. Dental fillings are the most appropriate choice for those people who prefer that their fillings look more natural.

Decreased sensitivity:

As this treatment is best to preserve the old teeth and it provides support to the remaining tooth structure to further prevent decay and tooth breakage. Plus, most of the patients feel that tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures is effectivity minimised with white fillings. You can get insulation on the tooth from excessive temperature changes.

Less visible:

White fillings are less visible than the metal fillings, which is also an excellent advantage of this treatment. It looks more natural and improves the smile of the patient. Unlike braces, this treatment is much preferable for those who want to improve their smile without compromising on the look. So white filling is not visible during your smile but improves the smile and overall structure of the teeth.

Although the white composite filling is an excellent treatment and it has a lot of benefits, it also has a lot of drawbacks as well. So it is better to prevent it by brushing teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist regularly