baby sleep regression

Things To Do If Your Baby Is Not Getting Proper Sleep

Most of the newborn babies face the problem of baby sleep regression. In this issue, once the babies were getting enough sleep in the night and during the day but then their sleeping patterns change and they feel restless. Their restlessness can give tension to the parents and they try different tips and tricks for taking to baby to the normal sleeping pattern. If the baby is not getting enough sleep then the mother can also become sleep deprived which is not good for her. She has to take care of her house and her baby too. That is why mothers try to find things that can help them and their babies to improve their sleep. There are many reasons if your baby is facing sleeping problems such as:

  • Your baby has no idea about the day or night

If your baby was sleeping the whole day but now, he sleeps only at one time such as now he sleeps only in the day and stays awake at night. The can happen because babies have no idea whether it is a day or night. They can sleep whenever they want and stay awake if they are not sleepy. If you want to get rid of this habit then you can try to awake your baby after some time when he is sleeping in the day. In this way, he will get less sleep and sleep at night properly. You can take your baby in a park because he will see the outside things instead of sleeping.

  • Baby can be hungry

Most of the babies face the problem of sleeping regression because they are hungry. Some kids digest their food earlier than others. So, when they feel hungry they start to weep and you have to wake up. To get rid of this habit, you must give your baby proper food and milk before he sleeps. In this way, he will keep sleeping at night and will not wake up because he will be full.

  • Baby is not feeling well

Most of the babies face sleep problems because they are not physically well. You must go for a checkup to see if the baby is well or not. If he is teething then he can also face the sleeping troubles. Cold, allergy, flu, and fever can also be a cause of not sleeping.  You can also visit the baby sleep consultant for getting help if you want.

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