Tibetan bowl healing

How Does Tibetan Bowl Healing Help To Alleviate Depression?

Tibetan bowl healing is a manual method of producing meditation sounds that induce restoration and regeneration of healthy processes. This acoustic phenomenon is referred to by the ancient people of Tibet who discovered it.

The main reason for the popularity of this method is its soothing effect. That’s the reason why it has been used for several years.

Tibetan bowl sounds mainly target the brain and interfere with the emotional and psychological conditions of anxiety, depression, pain, and spiritual instability. Several research studies support its positive effect on tension and depression.

This article discusses the effect of Tibetan bowl sounds on alleviating depression.

A Study Showing Brain Health Improvement Due To Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Various diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are highly associated with the state of depression and stress. So, if one wants to reduce the effect of such diseases, he must target the underlying cause.

To check that, Goldsby et al., 2017 conducted a study and analyzed the effect of meditation sounds, specifically Tibetan bowl sounds, on 62 participants suffering from anxiety and depression.

When these participants went through the meditation process of Himalayan sound healing experienced less tension, fatigue, anger, and depressed mood.

Tibetan bowl healing

Other Spiritual, Emotional, & Psychological Benefits

The most powerful form of sound treatment is called Tibetan bowl healing, and it works by synchronizing the frequency of sound waves with the frequency of brain waves. This object brings the body closer to social, physical, and mental well-being by activating the healthy deactivated codes and pushing it in that direction.

The sounds produced by a Tibetan bowl help a person sharpen their attention and soothe the mental and emotional anguish they are experiencing. It follows that you will have reduced worry, fear, anger, despair, insomnia, and anxiety as a result of this sound treatment.

In addition to that, these noises can be employed to bring the patient’s blood pressure back to normal and increase synaptic reactions in the brain.

In addition to this, it improves both mental and physical health by boosting the body’s immune system, which in turn helps fight off illnesses.


To summarize everything, in a nutshell, Tibetan bowl healing has been shown to be effective in treating problems similar to sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, and stress.

Not only does it improve brain health by warding off such illnesses, but it also reduces the risk of metabolic ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other conditions.

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