Tibetan bowl sound healing

Impact Of Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing On Your Body

An ancient practice of rejuvenation is Tibetan bowl sound healing singing therapy. The first bowls were used in the Far East as early as 6000 years ago since they were constructed with an alloy of several metals. Spiritual tourists discovered Tibetan singing bowls in the Himalayas and spread throughout Europe and the United States after the Chinese takeover of Tibet.

These bowls are a strange acoustic phenomenon. Although the gong harmonises, the sound of Tibetan singing bowls helps both sides of the brain rest deeply. It promotes stress alleviation on multiple levels as well as the removal of toxins from the body. The mind is clearer, and emotions are calmer after sound treatment, and the sound vibrations influence the body.

We’re tuned up again after sound therapy.

The bowl generates a sound that reactivates basic DNA codes and activates codes we haven’t yet recognised or silenced. For vibrational healing and sound therapy, Tibetan singing bowls are among the most powerful musical instruments. Their unusual tone floats for a long time after playing on them, which is why they are nicknamed singing bowls.

What makes these bowls so unique?

Tibetan bowls are made of alloys containing between five and seven precious metals that correspond to the planets of our galaxy: silver (the Moon), tin (Jupiter), iron (Mars), copper (Venus), gold (the Sun), mercury (Mercury), and lead (Saturn).

Tibetan bowl sound healing

The bowl’s vibration, quality, and tone of sound are affected by the ratio between the metals and the size of the bowl. Since bowls are used for sound therapy in various ways and with a variety of attachments, bowls come in different styles and shapes. Strikers, which are used to hit wooden mallets or bowls that are rotated around the bowl’s rim, are the most regularly used accessories.

What effect does sound have on our bodies?

Indubitably, sound is one of the most powerful media, as it can transport the human spirit to various realms of awareness. Tibetan bowl healing is used for the following things

  • Muscle regeneration and deep relaxation
  • To relieve pain in the joints, muscles, and shoulders
  • To ease pain from spine injuries, sciatica, the digestive system, migraines and headaches
  • To release tensions or blockages and improve circulation
  • To open the energy flow and to eliminate toxins from the body

Our concentration increases, and emotional tensions and blockages are relieved when we relax to the sounds of the gong or Tibetan bowls. The sound’s vibrations can help relieve emotional or mental suffering ( worries, anxiety, depression, fear, insomnia, anger, low self-esteem).

Tibetan bowl sound healing and their distinct tones are utilised to relieve asthma symptoms, restore adrenal gland function, lower blood pressure, increase synaptic connections in the brain, open and stabilise meridians. They also support the enhancement of the immune system and treatment of hyperactive youngsters.