Post surgery rehabilitation

Do You Really Need Post Surgery Rehabilitation?

Post surgery rehabilitation are simply exercise based interventions which are aimed at helping people who have undergone surgeries recover quickly.

Most times, people quickly waive rehabilitation after surgeries as not needed. However, the body will likely need rehabilitation to regain its strength and flexibility.

Rehabilitation is needed after shoulder pain treatment, spinal, orthopedic, urological, abdominal, obstetrics and gynecological surgery. After surgery and even through the process of rehabilitation, physiotherapists  help assess the mobility, strength and function of the body.

Goals of post surgery Rehabilitation

  1. For posture, balance and coordination training.
  2. Gait analysis and training.
  3. Self care training
  4. Muscle strengthening exercises
  5. Reorientation

Why you need post surgery Rehabilitation

The following are very crucial reasons why you need post surgery Rehabilitation.

  1. To reduce pain and swelling associated with surgery.
  2. To deal with joint stiffness and muscle weakness which is usually an aftermath of surgery.
  3. For easy return to daily activities independently.
  4. To prevent complications and compensatory issues such as  cardiovascular problems usually associated with surgery.
  5. To enable easy mobility and flexibility after surgery.

Who can benefit from post surgery Rehabilitation.

Post surgery rehabilitation

Post surgery Rehabilitation is available for any one who after surgery is experiencing;

  • Pain
  • Muscle weakness and stiffness
  • Low exercise tolerance
  • Reduced Independence
  • Depression

People involved in post surgery Rehabilitation

  1. Physical therapist
  2. Occupational therapist
  3. Dietician: Helps in planning healthy meals that will heal the patient faster.
  4. Speech therapist
  5. Nurses: Nurses assist with the transition to life using a  holistic approach.
  6. Psychologist: Assists with the management of stress and depression that usually comes with surgery. They ensure the patient ‘s mental health is not in anyway threatened by the aftermath of the surgery.

Phases of post surgery Rehabilitation

  1. Early recovery phase: This phase starts immediately after discharge from the surgery and continues right to the healing of the tissues. The main purpose of this phase is to relieve back pain and resolve the swelling using gentle manual therapy ( such as ice application) to regain muscle function without interfering with the healing process.
  2. Strength Rebuilding phase: This phase is necessary to avoid muscle weakness that sets in within 4-6weks after surgery.
  3. Functional Restoration Phase: This is the final stage  where the body should be getting back to its routine activities with normal flexibility, strength and equilibrium.


Surgery can impact one’s physical, and psychological status, however post surgery Rehabilitation can help you regain bodily strength and function again.