Relation Between Health And Eating Habits

If we compare our lives to the past, we may clearly observe that in the past there weren’t so many diseases and people didn’t get sick that much early. The life expectancy rate was much higher in the past. People didn’t need to visit manly medical center very often and they relied more on the home based remedies. They would mostly treat their generic illness through these organic self-medications. But in the current scenario we observe the declining state of affairs with regards to the health factor. Despite huge allocations in the budget each year, the healthcare system worldwide is on decline or at least has huge room for improvement. In this sorry state of affairs, we really need to look into the matters pretty deeply that what exactly is going wrong with our generation?

The very first and foremost reason in my opinion is our bad eating habits. With the advancement in science and technology, we have become the human machines. We work from dawn till night in order to make our lives better, but meanwhile we are neglecting our food routine and the stuff that we eat. The trends of fast and instant foods although deemed to save us time, but in the long run this is turning to be a huge menace to the mankind. Junk food and fast food is considered among the biggest reasons of obesity and a number of other diseases. That is why people are getting more sick and they frequently visit the manly doctors.

Actually what we eat has got a lot to do with our health in one way or another. In the past, although the lives were much harder, there were no machines that are why we have had plenty of physical activities. But with the advancements, we see machines all around us doing the jobs on our behalf that has virtually reduced our physical activities. A large number of people simply don’t have any activity at all. So eating more and staying lame allows more diseases to attack our body, it reduces our immunity and makes our body more vulnerable to diseases. This is a really high time to wake up and say no to the bad eating habits. Start eating natural and organic foods and prevent ourselves from synthetic and processed foods. Since we are distancing from nature, we are becoming more and more vulnerable and subject to chronic and life threatening diseases.