What Are Superfoods?

The nutritional benefits of the superfoods online are numerous and most of the times we here kale, Blueberries and salmon being mentioned daily. This kind of food is always labelled as the superfood, and they are known to contain high levels of minerals and vitamins. Superfoods are known to have the most top sources of antioxidants a substance that helps our body’s cells from being damaged and also helps in preventing diseases. The superfoods have the best and healthy recipes that are yummy when combined together and here are the well-known superfoods in the market

superfoods online


The Acai is the natives of South America and found mostly in the rainforests, and it’s a small purple berry best for aiding in weight-loss and also anti-aging. This fruit becomes yummy when added together with others making a healthy salad. It contains high levels of the anthocyanins antioxidants that help in fighting heart diseases and cancer and among the fruits that contain oleic acid. The Oleic acid is the same heart-healthy fat that is found in olive oil. The Acai is usually sold as tablets, juices, frozen or as a powder.

Goji Berries

Goji berries are quite common in most supermarkets shelves, and they are known to have high levels of Vitamin C. They are found in the natives of Inner Mongolia and Tibet, and have tangy orange-red berries used by Chinese herbalists for treating visual ailments, and they also help persons with poor circulation. It helps in boosting the immune systems, and they are either sold as drinks or in powdered form, and they have high levels of antioxidants compounds.

Cocoa Powder

The cocoa powder or cacao have high levels of flavonoids are known to work magic when it comes to improving of the blood flow and lowering of the blood pressure. It enhances the blood flowing into a person heart and brain, and it has around 15 calories of tablespoon with no fat and cacao also provides the most robust chocolate flavors. The chocolate with cacao is the best for people who have a chocolate sweet and are watching weight and the best for not feeling guilty.

The cocoa with alkalized or Dutch terms means that it’s processed and more than 90% of its antioxidants are removed and gone. You can choose the non-alkalized or the raw cocoa that contains all the antioxidants and phytochemicals and adding it to smoothies gives it a richly and also chocolaty taste.